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“Stainsy Whippoorwill”

“Pizza Oil” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Stainsy Whippoorwill”

Stainsy Whippoorwill, is a right plump tubbin.

He eats for pleasure.

And much to someone’s chagrin,

(surely not his)

He wears the stains of his gorge,

Across his beefy breast,

For all to see.

Rorschach medals on display,

Letting passers by,

Know the extent of care taken.

Stainsy, cares a smidge,

But not in excess of trading off his culinary compulsions.

He would rather taste it full,

Than trade in measure, even half.

He loves to dance morsels on his tongue.

Umami gets him intensely excited.

Nervous, even.

Anticipatory delights,

Forecast satiety.

Except, in that after place.

Where regret strikes hard,

At easy choices.

Fat chance is not an acceptable outcome,

But, a lifestyle digested,

And wrested,

From years of finger licking good.

Budge sweat, from his moobs,

and dirty bed aromas,

never stray far from his upper crotch belly.

Summer bus seats,

Are alive like coral reefs,

populated by Stainsy’s DNA,

When he peels himself from the composite molded plastic,

And struggles egress when station arrivals occurs.

His relaxed fit trousers,

Giving all they can,

To contain a girth of means.

Stainsy loves his food.

Believe me when I say it;

He loves his food.

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