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“Boot Beeper”

“Boot Beeper” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Boot Beeper”

Boot beeper.

Thrill seeker.

As obsolete,

As a Trapper Keeper.

Who would hail your calf in need?

Set to vibrate?

Or, a trilling beep?


Abutting sheerest pantyhose,

Calling to the last pay phone,


Do you accept?

The charges?

Stretching nylons with such largesse.

Operator left bereft,

By no reply to the matter.

Someone called,

Yes, indeed.

Another seven digit need.

Both necessary,

And clandestine.

A communication reverie,

Set adrift on destiny.

Portable, compact, electronique.

An age ago…

Alerting beep.

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