“Burning” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019


How challenged are we?

Not able to find ways out.

A niggling curiosity.

Prurient in nature.

Pins and needles.

I dream a thousand fantasies,

And thirst for your unbrushed kiss.

Where I can taste the life on your mouth.

Desperate hands,

Revealing and coaxing into position,

Our portions,

body and soul.

The tears are salty,

And mix with delight,

Lost, moments of exquisite pleasure.

Our secret.

Eyes locked,

Fingers and palms entwined.

Slow at first,



Pliable yield.

Envelope of wetness.

Urging urgency on.

Mouthy breaths and more repetition.

More, more.

A new connectedness,

And energy.

Fallen into your event horizon.

No, pulled.

Gravity inescapable.

I jumped willingly.

Staunch plunge.

No escaping the funnel vortex.

Happy sweet bittersweet sadness.

Infinite want.

Proceeding onward.



Can’t go back.

Arrived in height and satiety.

I feel you, and hold you.

Deep within,

We touch places unseen.

Until the world melts away.

I find resurrection.


Ready to dwell.

My new pleasure,

Tied unto yours.

And I burn for it.

Every single minute.

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