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“Facenest” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2019



a place of rest.

For lips, and birds,

and errant words.

A barbed wire home,

Trapped wooden comb.

Oil and wax,

Chin jumping jacks.

Wild, face wildfire.

Rugged twine, muck and mire.

Bristle brush,

Full enough?

Red, grey, gold, white.

Crumbliest crumb-catching delight.

Rusty blades,

And dormant cream.

Naked cheeks,

Aftershave sheen.

Whiskers almost whisked away,

Some later time, but not today.

Tickle waists,

And napes of neck.

A hairy man?

Why not? Heck,

A passive growth,

Upon my face.

Groomed and tuned,

Carefully arranged.

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