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“Auspicious Email Deliveries”

“Roll Call” ©️C.P. Hickey 2019

“Auspicious Email Deliveries”

So many entries, and posts, and messages.

Swirling cyber kinetic.

Landing on heaps of bits and bytes,


Canned spam.



Raking peeks at subject lines,

Subjected to the allure and sexy sell of keywords.

Community communication commuted over lines, and time, and air waves.

HiFi became WiFi over a period.

Click submit, send.


I take it back.

In the world of online commerce, there is no intermediary.

No Postman, I mean Postperson that I can go to the local and beg to pull my letter back.

Once it lifts off, the message gains momentum, until it lands.

The turbulence comes afterward.

Message fallout.

Reply; Reply All?

Be careful, very careful.

Some people are not meant to see those things.

Simply not meant for view.

But, even on slight occasion,

A chance auspicious message slips through,

And mitigates all the associated sins.

In your Inbox, until your in a box.

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