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“Impractical Ineffectual Intellectual”

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“Impractical Ineffectual Intellectual”

Fuck you! Mr. Impractical Ineffectual Intellectual.

You rot the conversation from the ground up.

Your takes on reality are based on self-inflating logic puzzles, word games, and Jedi Mind Tricks.

If you take offense, then I’m talking to you,


A true intellectual would never get upset by words.

Just yous guys.

You have never made anything grow in your life,

Besides your ego.

You have never created anything in your life,

Besides discord.

You have never listened to anything,

Besides your own thoughts.

The real trick to being an intellectual,

Is in asking questions;

Not in claiming to possess the answers.

So, I say, fuck you! Mr. Impractical Ineffectual Intellectual.

You muddy the waters at the expense of true knowledge.

You seek only mirrors,

When you should be seeking forgiveness.

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