Advent Calendar 2018

Advent Calendar 2018: Day 10

Advent Calendar – Day 10


What were you expecting from Advent Calendar Day 10? If you said Christmas Pajamas, well you hit the stripe on the candy cane. Christmas Eve Pajamas is another one of the things on the list of my Mother’s enduring Christmas legacies.

Every year, we were allowed to open one gift and one gift only on Christmas Eve: Christmas Eve PJs.

As you can see above, my sister was scheduled to stay with the Ingalls Family in Minnesota for Christmas. While I was scheduled to go to Starfleet Academy after the Epiphany. Get a load of me with those fuzzy blue and red slippers. I was at the ready to kick the face of any burglars that broke into our apartment and was able to get through my extensive network of jump rope, fishing line, and slinky booby traps (Goonies, and Indiana Jones were revelations for me, I wanted to skillfully evade and set booby traps as my career).

In a somewhat related anecdote, my Sister and I schemed to lay a booby trap for our unsuspecting Father. One time, many years ago, we stretched a land-line telephone cord until it was taut,  across his bedroom door. We then hid in his closet but made a shitload of noise in order to draw him upstairs. After some trying, and several faux cries, he came up over the staircase like a madman, and tripped over our booby trap and fell onto the bed. We laughed like hyenas.  Luckily, we were bastids, but not terrible bastids. After he composed himself, he punished us accordingly. I can’t help but think that despite his anger, that he held some pride for our mischief. You see, Dad was a mischief-maker from way back. I know how hard it is to not laugh at my children’s audacity, as I continually find myself wanting to laugh at the things they do, when the situation requires a more adult response.

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