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The Great Day of His Wrath 1851-3 by John Martin 1789-1854
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There is a distance I can’t contend with.

It strains my heart and soul, and pushes me toward sublimity.

Great expansive swathes of space opening up, forever outward, expanding.

Simultaneously, challenging the smallness of me, and how wound I am into a contained space.

The me of me, boxed and broken, but existent.

Gigantic immovable feelings, create a distortion in space-time, and create a dark matter that falls endlessly into the space between the margins.

The weight of importance weighs heavily, and remains contingent upon some acknowledgment of the experience.

Heaving hefty breaths after dismal hung over mornings. Spent buried beneath wool shields, sleeping the only escape; until dream landscapes emerge into view.

The salt of sweat and the sweetness of kissing an anxious agitated pulse, provides a compulsion worth traveling an insurmountable distance.

The preference, of course, not dwelling in a place so distant to escape.

Taking note of the ones who get away, and the ones that immerse themselves in the flesh of companions, searching for beating wave after wave of symbiotic release.

The saddest distance, being, the distance of being close to one another, yet unable to bridge the divide.

Lost in the well-meaning supposed-tos.

Throwing a reasonable mind into the chaos and crisis of well-intentioned passion.

It destroys a heart.

What then?

Grab hold of something.

Hold fast.

Hold tight.

The only thing that can defeat the power of distance despair, is comfort within yourself, in knowing that space infinitely small, is as large as infinitely large space.

Filling this space in between, is a stall tactic.

Once the movement stops, you will meld with the all.

You’ll  become the distance that pushed you to sublimity, and it will no longer have sway over your heart and mind.

Distant distance, walking alone, is at once better when traveling conjoined.

The expanse, can then be shared,

And devour less of the esteem.


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