“2018 Corpulence Don’t Go Fitting Into 1992 Train Seats”

“Non-nuanced Space” ©️C.P. Hickey 2018

“2018 Corpulence Don’t Go Fitting Into1992 Train Seats”

The 6:05 pulls into the concrete corral,

And we all hoof onto the cart.

A survey of the seating situation brings anxiety,

As there’s one seat left.

It sits between a business casual male, sitting cross-legged cold slim,

And a kindly healthy sort,

Much like me.

It’s been a day,

But I can’t see myself squeezing into that space.

Because, physics.

I could eat less and exercise a little and I still wouldn’t get in there.

Why can’t they make bigger seats?

I think I’ll submit a complaint.

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