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“Tewksbury Titwillow”

“Bushy Bushy in My Garden” ©️ C.P. Hickey 2018

Tewksbury Titwillow”

A fine mellow fellow,

Abiding in peace.

Slipped out for a stroll,

An evening retreat.

Down by the meadow,

Across the small stream.

Cobwebs and petals,

Dancing down breeze.

A Tewksbury Titwillow,

Quite properly named.

Leisurely hikes,

The name of his game.

Simple and sure,

His long striding gait.

Always alone,

A victim of fate.

For whom the bell tolls,

Resigned to regret.

Quickened his pace,

And started to sweat.

Suffering soul,

Confounded by grief,

Tears opened up,

Moistened his sleeve.

Screamed into the void,

Mechanical moans.

Echoes returned,

Deep space black holes.

The prodigal path,

Closing in on all sides.

A traveling man,

Battling time.

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