40/40: Summer Poem Slam-a-bam! – Day 10 – “Deep Undercover”

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“Deep Undercover”

I spy a cover covering, an incidental minor.

Abrasion? Gash? Raw Corned-beef Hash?

A rash resemblIng North Carolina?

A last resort, to hide a wart?

Unsightly cauliflower.

Once shot some hoops at the Y,

and found one in the shower.

Band-Aid in, and abetting,

flesh colored cut concealer.

Put one down upon my thumb,

when tip lost to a peeler.

Show the world that you are hurt.

You, hypochondriac diva.

A bandaged Band-Aid full report,

prime sympathy achiever.

The last refrain, I can’t resist.

A Speedy Wong’s, unplanned surprise.

One night I thought to order in,

and found one in my gravy fries.

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A very special thanks to all the soiled Band-Aids in this world, that seem to find me (and aren’t mine).

40/40: Summer Poem Slam-a-bam is a ongoing project in which people have joined me for 40 days and 40 nights of on-demand poetry. They have submitted the concepts, ideas, and subjects; I’ve done the rest.

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