“I Once Dated a Trumper”


“I Once Dated a Trumper”


I once dated a Trumper,

before there was a nominal distinction for such a creature.

I can recall the subtleties that existed.

Things like:


  • perceived slights when none were present
  • a misguided sense of justice
  • zero compassion or empathy for the suffering of others
  • a willingness to commit improper behavior while condemning others for the same behavior
  • cruelty


I didn’t realize then, that legions of people like her existed.

Disassociated beings, dwelling in self-assurance, and fostering hatred for all the wrong people.

I should of seen the signs.

I was too busy in my own self-assurance.

But, if I had to point to how we got to where we are,

then I’d say that a good number of folks had it in them to begin with.

They just needed a banner to get behind.

A pied piper.

A charmer.

Shit, I was charmed for nine years.

Getting it on the regular dulls a conscience.

A monotonous procession of concessions that ended abruptly in the sobering shod feet of other Trumpers-in-wait.

I too, behaved poorly in moments that mattered, and made choices that I now live with.

Somehow, I caught a moment that forced me to want to change.

Not everyone is as lucky as I was.


The monotonous procession of concessions carries on, and the band plays on…


Are you tough enough to be kind?_Bono-U2

One thought on ““I Once Dated a Trumper”

  1. Very good points. I once dated a Trumper too for almost 5yrs what you wrote lines up, and Bono’s citation at the end it’s excellent, thank you.

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