“Kicking the Can Down the Road”


“Kicking the Can Down the Road”


Kicking the can down the road.

Bear the load?

Kicking the can,

sight unseen.

Beyond horizon,

at last carefree.


Kicking the can down the road.

Past the fence.

No consequence.

Main event?

Build suspense.


Kicking the can down the road.


Do you suppose,

it will hold?


Kicking the can down the road.

Yet again,

to the end.


Kicking the can down the road.

Hopes, bereft.


Kicking…no room left


“I Once Dated a Trumper”


“I Once Dated a Trumper”


I once dated a Trumper,

before there was a nominal distinction for such a creature.

I can recall the subtleties that existed.

Things like:


  • perceived slights when none were present
  • a misguided sense of justice
  • zero compassion or empathy for the suffering of others
  • a willingness to commit improper behavior while condemning others for the same behavior
  • cruelty


I didn’t realize then, that legions of people like her existed.

Disassociated beings, dwelling in self-assurance, and fostering hatred for all the wrong people.

I should of seen the signs.

I was too busy in my own self-assurance.

But, if I had to point to how we got to where we are,

then I’d say that a good number of folks had it in them to begin with.

They just needed a banner to get behind.

A pied piper.

A charmer.

Shit, I was charmed for nine years.

Getting it on the regular dulls a conscience.

A monotonous procession of concessions that ended abruptly in the sobering shod feet of other Trumpers-in-wait.

I too, behaved poorly in moments that mattered, and made choices that I now live with.

Somehow, I caught a moment that forced me to want to change.

Not everyone is as lucky as I was.


The monotonous procession of concessions carries on, and the band plays on…


Are you tough enough to be kind?_Bono-U2