Day: June 19, 2018

“Decal ration”


My 9 volt revolt

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Boredom is a state of mind I actually enjoy being bored I also enjoy Seeing. Touching. Feeling. Smelling. Tasting. Experiencing. Chills. Writing. Talking learning. Texting. Looking at you. mirrors. Thrills Winds tickle my arm hairs. My tongue drowns in tea.…

“288 Bunkah”

          “288 Bunkah” We called my maternal grandfather, Bubba. Upon visiting his home, we would ring a bell and wait for entry. Peering through the sheer curtains, we would handle the softest metal door knob. Rickety-tick, repeatedly. A cadence of…

“Outside of Norms”

“Outside of Norms” A radio chatters. A stage performs. My space vacated, outside of norms. Repopulated, kills confirmed. Inebriated, outside of norms. Syncopated, chancre sores. The truth debated, outside of norms. Your fears abated. Escaped the scourge. Ego inflated, outside of norms. Child berated….

The Life Fiesta

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And just like that she built the Queendom she always wanted.

Smoke words every day.

Tumse na ho payega

Optimistic Soul

Me.. Era !

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