Day: June 1, 2018

Axiom # 20,180,601

“I’d like to remind those that are eager to point out that something is not a right, but a privilege, that it is not a right, but a privilege to point that out.” Thus spoke Ghostnutstra 06_01_2018   Advertisements


  “Tirade” my rage is pent up, and needs to be spent. it’s indicative of repressed things. unknown in memory, but, suddenly remembered if provoked. simple cilia-like triggers, up and down my being. inextricably woven into my DNA. prepared for the slightest provocation. I…


“Stood Up”

“Stood Up” One time, in Chicago, I bought a ticket to see The Violent Femmes. I waited, and waited. They did not come on stage. When you died, it felt like that.


“Evenflow” Here I am before you. I’m already inside you. reaching those places only you know. These words are invaders, and soon will betray you. Here I am before you, harvesting your pride. I can’t get out, despite my throat. The words of smoke,…


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