“Together Alone”

“Together Alone”


I tend my garden row by row.

You tend yours as well.

I peek the fence to see your growth,

I missed my step and fell.

The fence a boundless boundary,

an unlikely mix of stone.

A fancy noontime reverie,

caught drifting off alone.

Solace in activity,

disparate, but shared.

A bearable captivity,

when someone else is there.

Separate paths now cultivated,

could someday lead to home.

The point would be, they get created,

spending together alone.

4 thoughts on ““Together Alone”

  1. Sewing the seeds of love

    For some reason I read this backwards meaning I started with
    Spending together alone
    The point would be they got created
    Could someday lead to home

    From the ground up. It’s a lovely poem top to bottom or from its roots to the sky. Harvester

    1. I love the concept of us all being physically together but feeling alone. Tech and Social Media Sorcery. But, alas hope. I’m realizing that the plight is truly relatable and universal. Thank you, kind sir.

      1. I look back quickly that direction and see no one is speaking, just the usual zombies eating worms, drifting this way. That. Glowing faces from their connections never here in this scene just tuned into iPhone reality. We are alone desperately

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