Day: May 9, 2018

“Great Pretender”

“Great Pretender” Your lines, they got no steam. They reside in low places. Waiting for credit they didn’t earn. There’s no life in them. They can’t compete. Floating flaccid and flavorless. Chewed out gum, stuck to the bottom of a gnarly Chuck Taylor smelling…

“Tine Is Short”

Haiku Humpdays: “Un-mitsake”

    “Un-mitsake” With the help of friends, there is a way around it. I am in good stead.

“Phantasmagoria” “Phantasmagoria” Dish soap mix melting on paint can lids. A siphoned sight of dreams develop over the frame. Bright and muted colors muddle the lens. Forearm hairs prickle and goose flesh pop, pop, pops. Crackling tissue paper stuffed in used cardboard toilet paper…

My Life with PTSD & Bipolar

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Poetry, Short Stories and Violent Ideas

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