Month: May 2018


“Lost” I feel the confusion in your kisses. Open mouthed and adrift. A beauty when your sweaty, you drive my madness swift. A desert expedition, a traveling caravan. I’m a gypsy in your harem, a crusader in your land. Your heart is fixed in…

“Evening Blooms”

“Hot Urine”

  “Hot Urine” Oh, the years in between, then and now. But, how? Traveling from Boston to Miami. From Miami to Key West. At tradition’s behest. Appropriately dressed. A briefcase full of booze. New Balance shoes. A plush animal stolen from a Walpole Kegger….

“Hairnet Worth”

“Pity Party”

“Pity Party” Incessant drone of failure. You cultivate a rage within me, for your fight is continually a fevered race to who has it worst? You win. I have work to do. You vandalize my empathy. You spit a vast vigorous venom into my…


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