“Wounded Needs”



“Wounded Needs”


Wound up world.

Wild wanton winds,

whipping wherewithal wayward.

Open wound.

Salted and packed.


Reactions gain traction.

Impactful distractions.


Wound up world.

Addressed wound.

Watchmaker is absent.

Gradations grain.

Time wanes.

Spring sprocket.

Illusion invested in vest pocket.

Pull it out,

and veil your perception.

Deadened reflection.

The hands move despite the offense they cause.


A moment in the sun.

Faith undone.

Impermanence guaranteed.

Be annoyed,

matters not created nor destroyed.

Becoming void,

our sole employ.

Conscience breeds on wounded needs.

No reprieve.



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love each other like you are the lyric and they are the music

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