Day: April 12, 2018

“Charging Wanton”

Originally posted on ProCrasstheNation: ? ? “Charging Wanton” ? Awoke at the back door. Forearm all numb. Dried drool-crust pillow, opposable thumb. ? ? Attacking the shower. Urinate in the drain. Fogged mirror opacity, bookmarking past pain. ? Remote rusty razor, catching my chin.…

Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Day 2

I like catching quotes when I need them the most. There is a certain magic in how they find me. I appreciate being nominated for this challenge, and send much thanks to Robin LeeAnn. She has a pretty nifty blog, that also always seems to find…

“Couple of Cupolas”

“Hitting the Bricks”

The Life Fiesta

A Lifestyle Blog Celebrating Life


And just like that she built the Queendom she always wanted.

Smoke words every day.

Tumse na ho payega

Optimistic Soul

Me.. Era !

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