Day: April 4, 2018

Axiom # 20,180,404

“If you are thirsty, and out in the wild, be careful when you find those seemingly lucky water bottles placed throughout the world like Pokemons. Although, they may have held water at one time, if the liquid contained in the bottle is yellow to…


    “Hunnybun”   We would wake up on unseasonably brisk Spring mornings, with not much winter left, but enough to inconvenience. Sleepily, looking for direction in routine. Gray slacks and plaid jumpers, topped off with green ties. Yellowed white shirts and blouses, ironed through…

Haiku Humpdays: “Patagonia”

  “Patagonia” Patagonia, a company that sells stuff, is also a place.

“Brahmin Bones”

The Travellothoner

An insight into travel, running, fitness and life.

The Life Fiesta

A Lifestyle Blog Celebrating Life


And just like that she built the Queendom she always wanted.

Smoke words every day.

Tumse na ho payega

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