“Alpha Male Addict”

“Alpha Male Addict”

Alpha male addict,

riding the train.

Salacious she-sidekick,

fanning the flames.

Sleepy narcoleptics,

speaking in tongues.

The last hit this morning,

wasn’t enough.

Aggressively passive,

threatening poses.

Post nasal drip,

free-basing noses.

Riding the rails,

possessions been sold.

Chasing a hit,

No escaping its hold.

On the way to meet Hades,

these malnourished sticks.

An eternity waiting,

for that overdose fix.

7 thoughts on ““Alpha Male Addict”

      1. I’ve discovered working 15 hour days kills sustantivos. I’m sure the dreaded sustantivos buildup will cause the next load to be deadly.

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