Day: March 12, 2018

“Homebound Trolley With a Bag of Goodies”

“Homebound Trolley With a Bag of Goodies” Rushing to get home. Away from the maddening crowd. I am the crowd. Loud, stinking. Stuttering action. You have to get on the Trolley, before you get on the Trolley. Elbows, and crooks, and backpacks, and fumbling…

“Stahm Befah the Cahm”

“Sister Barbara”

“Sister Barbara” Parochial school perfection. Wrapped up in a purplish woolen turtleneck. Curly salt and pepper hair. Regimented lessons. Led by tanned opaque pantyhose and a chalked skirt. Liberal sister preached dictatorial discipline. She had a method, a plan. Eyes square glossy crazy. Fire…

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