“Down and Out”


“Down and Out”

The wind sings willows howls,
as it passes over abandoned bottles in my front yard.
The town drunk emerges from the dumpster a block over.
The cranky sounds of waking small towns,
music to my ears.

The disappointment was not part of the bargain.
It’s too late in the game to set it straight.
Another thing that needs swallowing.
Juxtaposition is a word I’ve never used,
but, sounds important.

Whiskers tickle my neck.
My razor needs to be recovered from the unemployment office.
A glossy bowl of minty cream awaits spreading.
Steamed mirror obscures the view.
I need a prescription for enthusiasm.

Life ‘bout got me wondering,
or is it wandering?

“When We Were Immortal”

When asked which poem of mine they liked, a friend picked this one.


“When We Were Immortal”

There was a time when we were fresh,

brand new.

Born into youth.

Excited for lazy pleasures and long days.

Summer adventures,


Depending on the strength of the gods surrounding us.

They could do anything and seemed robust.

Time distorted the truth,

and aided in their fall.

What once defied the setting sun,

grew less with each passing year.

Until, finally the world swallowed the moments whole.

There was a time high on the mountain,

when we were immortal.

It was remarkable, but short lived.

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