“Unfinished Business”

“Residuals” @ C.P. Hickey 2018



“Unfinished Business”

It shocks the soul to receive such news with a steamed coffee in hand.

Somehow, I knew, but regarded it surreally.

Those moments,

lasting infinitely in the mind and heart.

Confusion, meaning elusive.

Tasks created, newly found.


A heart wounded, yet resilient.

How many injurious slights must a pumping muscle endure?

Time ceased  for one,

but made a bit faster and a bit slower for others.

Irrepressible silence.

A lively hobbit slipped on the ring of power and disappeared forever.

Material things left.




Rounding out.


Resurrection impossible.

Bittersweet tears find familiar furrows in cheek.

A weary world grows more weary.




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