“Desk Dirge”

Pitter pat, pitter pat.

Passive aggressive suggestions.

I’m not a Type-A personality.

Stop looking over my shoulder at what I’m doing.

You infringe upon my effort to get through the grind of working on my terms.

My terms!

I will never do extra,

because the reward for that is a new expectation,

which you will hold,

and I will refuse to meet.

I draw a line in the sand.

Find something else to fulfill you.

Cracking down on me is tired,

and it makes you a bully.

I am mine, not thine.

I’ll never toe the company line.

Your wasting your time,

and my prime.

Enlist another hapless hump,

to task when tasked,

and jump when jumped.

The bottom line moves in an incremental manner.

You will never convince that second hand to climb from the bottom six to the top twelve.

I dream of a life without bother.

Your oversight, oversteps ordinary discourse.

You, satisfied with your dissatisfaction of me; find purpose in that sad dominion.

Me, I just want to be, man.


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