Too commonplace.



Number killed 17.


Fucking absurd!


Leaders: nowhere men.


If prayers had the substance of bullets, then this would be resolved.

Weaving useless prayers is an offense to the fallen.

Prayers are immaterial and have no bearing on the reality that unfolds.

A hollow gesture.

We don’t need comfort, we need to be uncomfortable.

We need action.

This pain is real.

This death is real.

It will not end until sensible people create a path to sensible solutions.

Congress is a group of limp, impotent, cowards.

Forever with the tip of the gun lobby inserted into their wallets.

Trading lives for votes.

Pathetic puppets.

Would their apathy be so resolute if this happened where their children go to school?

What about 2nd Amendment rights?

Hold on while I ask 17 friends.

They’re not answering.

There is an answer,

but we are surrounded by a paralytic parade of fools.

No one should have to discover that their child has died because of something that is entirely preventable.

You support gun rights, then trade your kid for one of the victims in any of the countless murders that have occurred in recent memory.

That’s right, you won’t.

Because theoretical ideals of no substance can’t stand up against the reality of the cold corpse of your dead child that died unnecessarily because deranged terrorist scumbags have access to weapons that they shouldn’t have.



Number 17 killed.



6 thoughts on ““Numb”

  1. Too much of our brainpower goes to perceived (real) offenses, insults, whatever. Seems time to move forward in ways that show intellect, sensibilities, thoughtfulness and respect. Peace

    1. When I said move forward above, I just meant that I want us to go forward with respect and peace. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s ALL! That’s with a most sincere PLEASE to society. I just want this nonsense to end. We need to do sensible things to bring peace and security to our schools.

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