“Tunnel Vision”

“Tunnel Vision” © C.P.Hickey 2018



“Tunnel Vision”


Down in the earth.

Dug out.

Hide out.

Subterranean surreal.

What sounds come from train tunnels when there are no trains?

Real rails.

Solid, metallic.

Rigid and bendy.

Electric wires spun like webs,

waiting to coax conveyances through.

Darkly lit depots.

Abandoned newspapers, soon extinct.

Browning yellow warning strips minimally offend.

Deeper still are secrets.

There must be more to these cobbled caverns.

Each station the tip of an archaeological iceberg.

Years upon years of gradual being.



Mini ant colonies.

Industrious fellows.



Earthen girth.


Buried fears.

Ghosts of progress.


A way underneath, not on, or through.

Echoes of screeching metal wheels appear.


Waiting infinitely.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Don’t know, I’ll ask the driver.

4 thoughts on ““Tunnel Vision”

  1. I heard (and felt) subway sounds (and vibrations) when I read this. Your words, too many subway rides…don’t know, but I like it. I like when a writer captures the totality of an everyday experience, including the nuances, visible reflection of its history, etc. Whatever. I just know I like it.

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