Day: February 1, 2018

“Cauliflower Air”


Nana Alice-Nana Mae

    So last night I sent out an early Santa Claus picture of himself. I estimate that I was 2 years old, maybe heading to 3. My sister was likely in my mother’s belly, or just freshly out. So that might be why…

“Tunnel Vision”

    “Tunnel Vision”   Down in the earth. Dug out. Hide out. Subterranean surreal. What sounds come from train tunnels when there are no trains? Real rails. Solid, metallic. Rigid and bendy. Electric wires spun like webs, waiting to coax conveyances through. Darkly…

“Fair’s Fare”


Blue Fences

The Vile Mint

Poetry, Short Stories and Violent Ideas

Life, As Kevy Michaels

Transformed By Meeting That Which I'm Not

Sharmaji's Solutions

Unique Answers To All Kinds of Questions

New Lune

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