“Spongebob Squarepants Building” © C.P. Hickey 2017

“Bootleg” *

*dedicated to the Weymouth Donghall

Bootleg, keg dregs, tap a bunghole.

Fezziwig, upon on a desk, sixty years old.

Rasputin, no refuting, wrinkled prom dress.

Grab a fiddle, pull a bow, layered largess.

Borax soap ,false hopes, tremendous border fence.

Pudgruggle, rowed ashore, fail to recompense.

Rope burn, tug-o war, slightly pulled groin.

Fascist feathers, tangled tethers, molested altar boy.

Smooth groove,YouTube, municipality.

Raunch Dressing, David Geffen, heavy menstral bleed.

Rash record, curt invective, muffled nasal twang.

Post-traumatic, shindig, hollow hunger pang.

Proud snort, last resort, itchy STD.

Come up short, false report, alleviating cream.

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