August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

“Cotton Candy”

Day 5 finds me in a ribald mood. Thank you Sunde, for putting out the entirely innocent and innocuous term of cotton candy. I’ve made of it what I’ve made of it. As Pat Benetar once stated, “no promises, no demands, love is a battlefield.”

“Sweet Dreams” © C.P. Hickey 2017

“Cotton Candy”

Cotton candy, makes me randy,

When I drink a summer shandy.

I’m not your average dapper dandy,

Handling hand made castle sandy.

Forgive a knave for longing lust.

I long to grasp your well formed bust.

Your bodice keeps it firmly trussed.

Without your leave,  I will combust.

A chance to know your salty shores.

On bedroom posts your hanging drawers.

Whatever’s mine will soon be yours.

Grasped within your fleshy stores.

Your tractor beam,  puts me in trance.

I so relish,  the teasing dance.

The sordid sweaty skin advance.

Your wanton ways permit the chance.

Cotton candy, pink or blue?

What I wouldn’t do to you.

Cotton panties, pink or blue?

What I wouldn’t do to you.

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