A crowd has gathered.

Filling the room with crackly spontaneous noise.

This is the sound of fun, for sure.

Nervous anticipation, giving birth to a round recognition of concurrent and contagious laughter.

Everyone wants to be in on the joke.

Old friends, new friends, and even strangers.

This is the symphony of living.

The music of a crowd, plays happily from soul to soul.

Sweeping all into its wake.

Turning feelings into an ocean of emotion,

Spreading choice vibes in all directions.

Just think of how lonely quiet it will be when the crowd disperses.


Training Day

Training Day

In the age of distraction, I find that I hold great responsibility for my fellow citizens. Today, three people almost walked into me as they had their heads in the screens of their smart phones. If not for my well placed “Hey-he-he-hey!”

They would have crashed and burned.

Iced coffee, backpacks, dioramas, cupcake tents, and New Yorker canvas bags tucked inside of Lulu Lemon bags would be all over the trafficked floor of the Green Line Trolleys.

I’m working on an app that let’s you walk around without ever having to pick your head up from your phone. As you near a fellow content consumer, you are given a series of clickable choices that further envelopes your attention, while at the same time directing you around all proximal dangers through the use of new heat sensory and intelligence measurement devices.

My tag line to get people to buy the app: don’t worry if it’s warm or dumb, we’ll guide you through the crowd, you’ll never have to change your gaze, surfing peacock proud.

I looked down the train to my left. Then I looked down the train to the right. The silent majority is grabbing inspiration from glowing palms. The zombie apocalypse is already upon us folks, and I can’t stop myself from turning.

Eve of Deconstruction

-Excerpt from a work in progress:

“It was a period of discovery, the birth of experience. We were free to explore in a very unencumbered manner. Leaving the homogenous homesteads of our younger lives behind. We were naturally drawn to these things. Things that were nominally dangerous, but lacking in consequence. We sustained our vanilla by remaining grouped, never straying too far from the shield that a foraging group of privileged people provides. There was no wrong option, as our heart of hearts stayed attuned to the notion of the Divine Right of Kings. There existed an extreme feeling of outlasting any adversity, and the world existed to provide for our whims alone.”