Perhaps it’s time to start a journey?

Set a course and quell the yearning.


Unattainable horizons all around.

First step, next step, hit the ground.


Malaise distracts the current route.

Broken compass, travel’s moot.


Awake confused, this life’s a dream.

Wayward ways someday redeem.


Strings on fingers provoke recall.

Remembering a must above it all.


Switch position, lost at sea.

I am looking, I and me.


It often feels quite solitary,

Nonetheless, the blows I parry.


A testament to stubborn will,

I nary tolerate a life born still.


Some souls thrive on things kinetic,

Away I go, in truth, prophetic.


Left fear on dock as I embark,

The rest placed in my life-worn ark.


Once adrift the waves will take,

Away from me for my own sake,


The plot, the line, the guide, the course.

Unknown shores perhaps the worse?


One can’t say without the chance,

If better ways will entrance.


For ways not traveled,

Paths not sowed.


Remain quite raveled,

Hence, unknown.

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